Creating Online Deception

Combating Unwanted Onine Information

I believe in the right to privacy, and the right to control information that is about ourselves and derived from the actions we created, hence our footprints. I believe this should be so in both the online and offline world. Unfortunately, many companies and governments disagree because information is a commodity for profit and human control. In essence, we are, but renters of our actions and big business and big brother are the landlords of our data. 

The most unfortunate aspect of the internet is it is an unforgiving space with no heart and any times zero accountability. It creates an environment where individuals can post information right or wrong, without the responsibility of how it affects the subject. What does one do if they are the face of irresponsibility? 

Sometimes good people make mistakes, and search engines, social sites, and blogs help to destroy lives and livelihoods. Most post and propagate not because they are champions of issues but for advertising dollars or followers who do not even read their content. Such is quite unfortunate, especially where people lives are involved. 

When something negative happens to a person in the digital world, they have few options. They could try to contact the websites and request the info about them be taken down, however, this action could light a fire and make matters worse. Or they could try a reputation management company who uses website suppression to attempt to hide the search results. The problem with suppression is when the work stops; your unwanted information floats back to the top. Even if the info does not rise again to page one of a search engine, what good is the work if the person searching for your information can find the damage on page five? It is equivalent to wearing a new suit with old shoes.

I create what I call positive deception, where I use digital combating to solve your problem. A simplified example is if you did something embarrassing, I create numerous digital characters that share your name, and have them be the doer of the deed. When someone types your name in the search, they will find many entities that share similar information with you. Best of all they will see that someone far off who is the person responsible for your deed. 

If you would like to discuss your situation in detail, please set up a phone, email or Skype consultation. 

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