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How to Disappear

I am Frank M. Ahearn, a privacy expert who disappears people, and sometimes information. I am the author of The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear. I work with individuals who have extreme privacy issues, which range from victims of stalking, business people who are in dangerous business situations, to the HNWI seeking privacy. As far as information goes, I can bury the bad. 

Creating Privacy

How to Disappear

Creating Extreme Privacy

Not everyone needs to disappear; in fact, sometimes vanishing can make matters worse. Also, you do not need a fake or new identity, so please do not ask. If you need to go, the idea is to become a privacy expert yourself, a Machiavelli of vanishing. 

Many who plan to vanish, focus on the go, as opposed to being a disappeared person. How you will earn money, bank, what story to tell people in your new city. If you are making a plan to slip out the back door, stop and think about once you cross the border, who you will be, and what you will need. 

There are tips and suggestions about disappearing, on my blog and video. Or if you need help, you can set up a consultation, and we can discuss it. 

Frank M. Ahearn

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The video is a master video about how to disappear, bitcoin, finding people, social engineering, new identities, fake identifies, and much more.

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