Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace

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In case you did not know, times have changed, and technology has invaded the world. Therefore, the idea of Erasing Your Digital Footprints is a fallacy. That is not to say; you cannot vanish forever. You only need the right strategy, and help


FRank M. Ahearn

A Technical Genius or Master of Deception

Professionally, I was a social engineer who extracted private information like bank records, phone records, and travels documents. My philosophy was if you can afford it, I can get it. Even more lethal, I was a skip tracer, who used private information to hunt people down.  

Sometime in early two thousand, I began consulting on how to disappear, and I wrote the book How to Disappear, which is the go-to guide for vanishing. With that said, I evolved into the Dear Abby of How to Disappear.

I assist people who have romance scam issues, blackmail problems, and extreme privacy matters. I have one essential tool, talent, and expertise; deception I am a master in the art of deception. That is how I locate scammers, stolen money, deviate unwanted information, combat blackmail with disinformation, and disappear people. 

If you have a problem, please set up a phone, email, or video consultation. I am available to meet clients in Europe.

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How to Disappear

Very simple, is your life in danger or freedom in the balance.

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Online information destroying your life?

Extreme Privacy

Only you know what that means.

Public Speaking

I travel the globe and enlighten the world.

Get Out of Dodge

Need to go from A to B, I can get you there.


Do not ask about new or fake identities. 

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