How To Disappear

Frank M. Ahearn

Because a person needs to learn how to disappear and vanish it does not mean they have done something wrong or broken the law. Terrible things do happen to good people and no one ever expects to wake up and think they need to get out of Dodge, but it happens. I have worked with victims of stalkers who saw no end to the threat. Business and financial professionals who have found themselves in dangerous business situations. Individuals in precarious divorce situations, and plenty of others who woke up and faced something they did not know how to control. 

I do not sell new or false identities so please do not ask. Also, you do not need to vanish and live like Grizzly Adams or hang with the monks of Tibet to have a safe and free life. What I do is teach people how to disappear in society, as themselves where they use legal methods and tools that shield identities, protect privacy and most of all their whereabouts. 

If a situation has occurred and you think you need to disappear, it does not mean you should. Most times that is your flight instinct kicking in, so before you do something rash and unnecessary let us talk because we could solve your problem without you hitting the road. 

If the time ever arrives and you need to go, I can teach you how to disappear completely and never be found!

Consultation $60.00

I offer phone, email, and Skype consultations at a rate of $60.00 per fifteen minutes.

Email me in your native language if English is not your primary language. 

After payment is complete, I will email you from a private email address. Check your spam.


If you have a particular request, time zone, a way of contact, urgency, etc. let me know.

The Fifteen Minute How To Disappear

how to disappear

New Book About Disappearing

The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear is a hip pocket manual on  disappearing in the digital age. Ahearn has put together the essential  tools of privacy and how to use them to protect your digital information  or vanish forever.   

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