How to disappear completely and never be found

The Disappear Videos

I will be posting short videos about how to disappear. The topics of the videos will be quite broad and range from the proper use of prepays, living offshore and using offshore tools, new identities, fake identities, faking your death, creating a background story, digital deception and what not to do. However, most important, how to disappear completely and never be found.

Earn Money While Disappeared

Before you disappear, you need to think about how you will earn a living without being traced by your predator. I have said it hundreds of times; you cannot be Joe the bus driver in London and become Joe, the bus driver in Manchester.

Many clients create an online business where they host the site in Monaco or Switzerland, and the credit card processing is in another country like Singapore. Then they figure out how to extract the funds discreetly. 

How to Disappear - Stop Everything

When the thought of disappearing comes to mind, you must stop everything. You have created a ton of digital and offline footprints. The trick is to go back and recount the places you searched and remove them from your disappear plan.

Buying a fake identity

Never purchase a fake identity, it can only cause more problems in your life. There could be ten people walking around with the same identity. Or worse, the name and ID numbers are bogus. 

Pseudocide - Faking Your Death

Pseudocide, the act of faking your death. Never fake your death, it is one of the stupidest actions one can do in the world of disappearing. Most people who fake their death do it by water since the body can be swallowed up by the sea. The most significant issue is you could become the next international news story, and now you have law enforcement, the media and the public searching for you. The odds are against you. 

Disappeared at the peanut butter cafe in monaco