Two Types of Skip Tracing

Phone Trace

 A phone trace is the most common and is accomplished by using the subject information, family and social connections. 

What We Do

We are more the phone tracers, however, Frank will hit the streets on European searches. 

Physical Skip Trace

Not everyone can be located via the telephone or through their data. 

For Investigators & Lawyers

Skip Tracing

We take on skip tracing overflow for investigative agencies and law firms. 

Real Skip Tracers

We are not a database service but actual skip tracers who pick up the phone and search for your subject. Our turn-around-time is 24 to 48 hours

Confirmed Skip Trace

We confirm all results via a two part process. One being a verbal to the subject or to an individual who knows the whereabouts of the subject. 

If you are a private investigator or lawyer, please email Dana at for industry rates. 

Skip Trace For the Public

Skip Tracing Service

If you are not a lawyer or private investigator the rate for a skip trace is $150.00. This is a flat rate based on the service, not the results.

Request a Skip Trace

Prepay using the below link and email your information to, Dana at

Skip Trace Service

The turn-around-time for the search is 24/48 hours.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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