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Finding People Worldwide

I have been skip tracing (finding people) for over twenty-five years and have located thousands of people from Bali to Boston. I come from an era where there were no databases, internet or social media sites to access; tracking people was all about picking up the phone and using various forms of pretext to locate a subject. However, the privacy law has hindered much of the old-school skip tracing, and so new methods are utilized. 

Tracing people is more art than science, it is taking the information known about a person and matching it to where they were last and then finding a connection that brings you forward to their current whereabouts. It is something I call the interconnectedness. There is an unfortunate reality in the skip tracing world; not everyone is findable. Some are street people, others go off the grid, names change, some pass away, and others live with friends and family. To locate a person, a skip, a tracer must search, which takes time and money. Therefore, I base my fee on the search, not the results.

Global Skip Tracing Services

Missing People

Searching for a long lost love, someone who vanished purposely or not? I can help.I search for missing people, those who have vanished voluntarily and those who may not have. 

Biological Family

Searching for a biological family is never an easy feat, especially a female who is married. I can search for mothers, brothers, father, and daughters worldwide.

High-Net-Worth Debtors

One of my strengths is locating High-Net-Debtors who have gone off the radar in Monaco, Belgrade, Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Cross-Border Heirs

If you are a law firm and searching for a cross-border heir, my global tracing skills can help.

Online Frauds

If an online fraudster has scammed you, I can search on and offline to locate the subject.

Strangers On Planes

Meet a stranger at a hotel, club or on a plane and have minimal information but want to locate them. 

Skip Tracing Fee $250.00

After you prepay search email me the subject information:

The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer

how to skip tracer

How To Find People

 The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer shows to how to use databases, the  internet, social media and offline service accounts to track down  deadbeats, repo's, lost love, bail jumpers, and paramours. 

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