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Skip Tracing & Finding People

Finding People Worldwide

I have been skip tracing and locating assets since the mid-eighties and have found thousands of people worldwide. I am not the type of tracer who relies solely on databases or the internet, I am aggressive and bold with my tactics. Being an expert at disappearing people, I know how individuals cover their tracks, or which footprints to search when someone has vanished without a trace. Geography and language is never an issue, there is no difference between searching for a person in London, New York, Australia, Zurich, Hong Kong or Abu Dhabi, information is information! 

Skip Trace: If you are searching for a missing person, long lost love, debtor, biological parent, heir or witness, a Skip Trace will find you subject. To request a skip trace, choose the location you believe your subject might be, prepay and email me their information. The search time is 24 hours to a week depending on the subject and geography.

Romeo/Digital Skip Trace: If you have been or are involved in an internet relationship and want to know the identity or location of the person a Romeo Trace will find your subject. To request a this search, choose the Romeo Button, prepay, and email me their information. The search time is 24 hours to a few days.

Corporate Trace: If you are doing business with or planning to do business with a company that appears to be hiding behind the internet and you need to find information, such as principals, whereabouts and such, a Corporate Trace will provide you with answers. To request this search choose the Corporate Trace Button, prepay and email me the company information. The search time is 24 hours to 48 hours. 

Number Identity: If you need to identify the name and address behind a phone number. 

Extreme Skip Trace: This is the type of trace where I hit the streets and hunt. The Extreme Skip Trace is for searching high-net-worth-individuals who have global mobility, multi-million-dollar criminals who absconded with substantial amounts of money and the person who has disappeared without a trace. To request this type of search email me and we can discuss. 

Hidden Assets: If you need to find hidden assets, I can help. To request this type of search email me and we can discuss.

Global Skip Tracing


Fee $99.00


Fee $100.00


Fee $99.00


Fee $125.00

Middle East

Fee $199.00


Fee $199.00


Fee $250.00

Central & South America

Fee $199.00


Fee $250.00

Corporate Trace

Fee $350.00

Romeo Tracing

Locating Online Dating Scammers

I take the information you have which is typically the name, address, phone number, email address and photos of the person. I  will confirm or disprove the information, and if the information does, in fact, prove false, I search and locate the true identity behind the fake digital identity. 

Name: Search Identity

Phone Number: Identify Subscriber

Address: Confirm, Disprove or Locate

Photos: Search Photos Online 

Email Address: Search User

The truth is not all subjects can be identified or located some are savvier than others. However, the only way to find out is to search. 

Fee $125.00

After you place your request email subject info to FA@FrankAhearn.com






Please share the background story.

Our turn-around-time is typically the same day, depending on time zone. 

Phone Number Trace

If you have been searching how to identify a landline or mobile number, you are probably caught up in the reverse directory loop. Meaning you located a website that claims they can ID the number, and so you type it in the box, press enter and nothing! Or the site provides a name. The problem is, you do not know if the listing provided is correct. The only accurate way to identify a phone number is through the phone company; however, this is not possible. 

How I identify a number is by calling the number and applying a ruse that prompts the person to disclose their name and address. Then I search online and offline information to confirm that the name and address are correct and associated with the person behind the number. If the number is not in service, I run it through social sites, databases and offline accounts to associate it with a subscriber. 

Fee $75.00

After you make payment send the phone number to FA@FrankAhearn.com

The turn-around-time is the same day. 

The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer

How To Find People

 The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer shows to how to use databases, the  internet, social media and offline service accounts to track down  deadbeats, repo's, lost love, bail jumpers, and paramours. 

Available on Amazon.

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