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    Skip Tracers Find People - Databases Supply Information

    If you have been playing skip tracer and searching the internet to find a person you no doubt, stumbled on many of the databases sites that offer database reports for sale. Some of the company provide guarantees of locating your subject, but all they do is supply information, like name variations, past addresses, old phone numbers, email addresses, along with connections to family and friends. The problem is you do not know if any of the information is correct or up-to-date. Plus, what do you do with all the information? 

    I have been skip tracing since the mid-eighties and truth is I do not consider myself a skip tracer but more of a global researcher. I have developed strong international research skills that cross many borders. Even if I have never searched for a person in Albania, I can figure how to go about searching and finding that person. Also, language has never been an issue which hinders a search. Even if there is minimal information known, from my years of experience, I can chip away and find most people in most parts of the world.

    In truth, I find most people by searching online information, social sites, and sometimes using database information. The key is figuring out which info will lead me to the person I am searching for or to someone who knows their whereabouts. I consider this the interconnectedness of people. This way of searching works with most witnesses; low-end debtors, lost loves, family members, birth parents, and other types of missing people.

    To request a skip trace, choose the location you believe your subject might be, prepay and email me their information.

    The search time is 24 hours to a week depending on the subject and geography. 


    Search Fees

    USA - CA - CAR

    Fee $100.00

    AU & NZ

    Fee $125.00

    Western Europe

    Fee $150.00

    Eastern Europe

    Fee $175.00

    Middle East

    Fee $199.00

    Other Regions

    When  placing a request include as much info about the subject as possible.  Such as name, DOB, social identification number, email addresses, phone  numbers, relatives, past employment and social media.  

    High-Net-Worth Search

    The skip tracing described above will not locate High-Net-Worth targets who have either stolen large amounts of money or are HNWI themselves. 

    High-Net-Worth criminals are super savvy and know how to cover their tracks before they take action. They use offshore corporations, foreign banks, prepays, corporate mail drops, answering services, foreign-hosted websites and much of the time fake backgrounds and names. 

    High-Net-Worth-Individuals have mobility and can travel at will. They own properties in all parts of the world, held in various types of corporate entities like a GmbH or SARL. 

    High-Net-Worth criminals and individuals are challenging to find but not impossible. To discuss a situation contact me via email. 


    Digital Identity Search

    Who Are They?

    The digital world has created the opportunity for individuals to pose as  anyone from anywhere. One of the most usual places this occurs is in the  dating world, and the playground is almost always social sites. 

    There are sites that post information about potential scammers. However, criminals and scammers have become more sophisticated with their tactics, which makes it harder to find their identity. 

    I suggest you search the subject's photo online and see if it appears on  other websites under different names. Then there is the face-to-face,  video chat. If they refuse or make an excuse of why they cannot, that is  a red flag.

    If your efforts come up blank, I can search and prove the subject is not who they say they claim to be. Also, I can try to find out who they are.

    Digital Identity - $150.00

    After you place request please send:

    Subject Name

    Phone Numbers

    Email Addresses

    Social Links




    The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer

    How To Find People

     The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer shows to how to use databases, the  internet, social media and offline service accounts to track down  deadbeats, repo's, lost love, bail jumpers, and paramours. 

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