Reputation Deception Not Reputation Management


Sometimes good people make great big mistakes. Today such errors in ways could be broadcasted for the whole world to see and destroy one's livelihood and life. There is are only one way to combat such unwanted digital information, and that use digital deception. This service is not reputation management, which dos not work but reputation deception. 

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A brief description of how I create reputation deception. If you find yourself in a situation where information is making your life miserable, I can be of help. 

How Reputation Deception is accomplished!

A client of mine M.r X from Chicago popped his name into Google, and he stumbled on a link to a porn site which was selling an amateur porn movie he acted in twenty years prior while attending college. This information nearly made him jump out the window. He feared that his marriage and job would end if discovered. He tried one of the online reputation management services but bouncing damaging information down the search results serves no purpose. 

I set up a fake photography website and contacted the porn website and explained the cover photo to the porn movie was copyright protected and requested they remove the video cover. Surprisingly the company adhered (luck), I figured it was easier for them to remove then search for the original copyright papers. 

I created a fake digital identity using my client's name, Mr. X but placed the bogus identity in Canton, Ohio. I set up a blog utilizing the information of Mr. X in Canton. The blog blogged all about amateur porn, and my fake Mr. X claimed the fame of appearing in the porn movie in college. 

Whenever someone searches Mr. X, both my client's information and the fake identity appears in the search results. If someone searched out the porn movie, it would look that Mr. X in Canton did the deed. 

This service is not reputation management but positive reputation deception! If you need help contact Frank,

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