Delete Online Information

netDistact, combats unwanted online and internet information.

You Cannot Delete Online Information

netdistract, Distracts Searchers From Finding Your Information

netDistract is the only solution for unwanted and undesirable internet information. netDistract creates information which offers alternative search engine results. Hence, netDistract distracts the searcher from locating you information, since you cannot delete online information. 

The second you become aware of unwanted information, you think about how it can be deleted. The unfortunate answer is there is no delete button online, even Google's Right to Be Forgotten is limited. Next, you search the internet to find a solution, and you come across companies that offer reputation management or website suppression. What these companies do is create new info to bounce yours down the search engines. The problem is the person searching for you does not stop on page two or three. They keep scrolling until they find what they want; which could be on page twelve or thirty-two. Plus, when the companies have finished the work, the undesirable info rises back to the top. 

netDistract creates alternative information and digital identities using bits and pieces of the troubling data. Then websites, blogs, social media and other forms of online information are created and disseminated. When a searcher searches for your information, they will be distracted by netDistract results. 

The only solution to combating the internet is to trick or distract the searcher not necessarily controlling the information. netDistract services specialize in creating those distractions, as well as constructing digital identities that eventually "own" or become "responsible" for your negative information. 

There is no magic software or ninety-nine-dollar packaged plan that solves digital problems. What does is hard work, and knowing how to manipulate information; the process is time-consuming, and it takes a unique skill. Also, everyone has different problems, and netDistract is designed explicitly to resolve yours. For me to put together a proposal, you must set up a consultation.