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    Frank M. Ahearn

    Teaching people how to disappear and physically vanishing them is quite the odd business. Therefore, there are a few items I would like you to know before we move forward. Because a person needs to vanish it does not mean they have done something wrong or have broken the law. 

    Sometimes terrible things happen to good people. Some are victims of stalkers who needed to flee. Abused spouses who feared their mate was about to cross a dangerous line. The Swiss and Luxembourg financiers who lost money for the wrong type of client. It is not so much who needs to go but the reasons why? It always comes down to money, violence, or information. 

    Very important, I do not sell new or false identities so please do not ask. Also, you do not need to vanish and live like Grizzly Adams or hang with the monks of Tibet to have a safe and free life. What I do is teach people how to disappear and live in society, as themselves but using legal methods and tools that shield their identity and protect their privacy.

    If a situation has occurred and you think you need to disappear, it does not mean you should. Most times that is your flight instinct kicking in, so before you do something rash and unnecessary let us talk because we could solve your problem without you leaving your life. 

    Consultation $125.00

    I offer phone, email, and Skype consultations. The fee is $125.00 for thirty minutes. 

    Email me in your native language if English is not your primary language. 

    After payment is complete, I will email you from a private email address. Check your spam.


    If you have a particular request, time zone, a way of contact, urgency, etc. let me know. 


    Divorce Privacy

    For Women Only!

    Planning to leave a relationship or marriage is never easy. It can be financially devastating, and even dangerous. No one wants to think the worst of the soon to be ex. However, divorce can turn into a war for survival, physically and financially. Before your situation unfolds aggressively, you need to strategize! 

    Are you under physical or digital surveillance. Can you move or save money without your so to be ex knowing or tracing? Can you set up a new home safely? 

    If you want to set up a consultation, there are safe ways to do. You can use a prepaid debit which you can purchase at a local shop. Set up a separate email address to contact me, do not email on your mobile or home computer. Use a work, friends or internet cafe computer. 

    Divorce Consultation

    Privacy Expert On Retainer

    24/7 On-Call Privacy Service

    The 24/7 on-call how to disappear and privacy service gives you 24/7 direct contact.

    Some clients use this service at the start due to the number of questions that arise in the planning process. 

    Some prefer to be more hands-on but still want an expert opinion.  24/7 is not limited to the disappeared. Victims of stalkers, business professionals, soon to be divorced, and high-net-worth individuals utilize this service.

    24/7 gives you fourteen hours of 24/7 phone, video and email access. 

    After payment is received, I will supply you with a private phone number and an encrypted email address. 


    The fee for this service is $2500 and gives you 14 hours of time.

    After you prepay service we will make discreet arrangements for 24/7 access.


    Also free Kindle downloads of The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer, The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear and 30-day pass to my private website.

    Digital Combating

    Fight For Your Information Rights!

    The internet can be an unkind place! Unfortunately, you cannot delete most unwanted, negative or dangerous information. 

    What  do you do if Google or Yahoo are making your life miserable? What you  don't do is use a reputation management service. Their strategy is to bounce the undesirable information down the search engines. 

    Website suppression is buying temporary digital space, but space changes  regularly and when they stop working your information, boom back up to  page one. 

    I can disappear information by combating it with other information. 

    What I do is aggressive, bold and it works. The fee for this service is $1000.00. 

    Also free Kindle downloads of The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer, The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear and 30-day pass to my private website. 


    The Fifteen Minute How To Disappear

    New Book About Disappearing

    The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear is a hip pocket manual on  disappearing in the digital age. Ahearn has put together the essential  tools of privacy and how to use them to protect your digital information  or vanish forever.   

    Available on Amazon

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