How to Disappear Completely

Second Life

The idea of How to Disappear completely and never be found is not secluded to those who need to vanish. If anything, how to disappear, is an idea and gateway to a second life. It begins with an occurrence, for some it is a negative and possibly dangerous event. For others, it the unfortunate realization that life is no longer working.

Second Life Consulting

Whether you decide to embrace the life of a Digital Nomad, Expatriate or that of the Five Flags. I can consult on the plan you created or physically assist in the transition.   

How to Disappear

 If you need to disappear the question is, how much time do you have? If it is an emergency, I can meet you anytime, anywhere and have you disappeared in a matter of hours.   


Not everyone needs to or should disappear; sometimes a conversation can lead to a resolution. I suggest a phone or email consultation before any action.

Second Life Things

Second Citizenships & Second Passports

 The offshore world offers many interesting tools for a second life. Such as passports and citizenship. However, these are not always beneficial and could create red flags. If you are planning to go this route, I can assist you in creating the best possible plan.  

Offshore Corporations (IBC)

Offshore corporations do not always make you anonymous. How you structure your business, not the IBC will determine the amount of privacy achieved.   

Digital Nomad

For those of you seeking to become a digital nomad, I can help you create a balance with privacy and technology.

Business Privacy

Corporate Privacy

Sometimes organizations can become myopic an view privacy solely from a digital perspective. This is a serious mistake since there is always a human behind the button.

Corporate Information

I can access and extract your companies information with a mobile phone, writing pad and a cup of coffee.


Your home should be the most securest of places.

Phone - Email - Skype

A consultation is necessary for me to understand your situation. After you prepay, I will be in touch and we will decide on the best form communications. The fee is €200,00 per thirty-minutes. 

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