Frank M. Ahearn identifies romance scammers.
Do Nothing & Nothing Happens

What To Know About Your Money

The only truth in a romance scam is you sent money, and someone received. A recipient  could also be a victim, and their online love told them the transfer is from a business deal. The receiver could also be a money mule who earns money by accepting and forwarding funds. Most victims do not think about going after these people. I find them to be the most critical targets since they have seen your money last.  

  • You do not know if the name you sent money to is the name on the bank account.
  • You do not know if the bank account is frozen, and still has your funds or not.
  • You do not know if the person you sent money is under investigation country. 

Part of fund recovery is convincing receiving banks to open a case, not an easy task. Most banks will blow you off, stating they cannot disclose information, or they will tell you the account is closed. Other times the bank will claim there are no funds in the account. True or not, who knows. 

Many times victims will wire transfer money to familiar names like Eric Kelly, Ekrem Demir, or Prince Adebayo. However, it is possible the account is not in the same name you sent on the transfer, a situation the receiving bank does not want to face. If such is the case, the bank should never have accepted your money. 

It is difficult to get law enforcement to open a case involving a romance scam. Dating scams are global, where the victim can reside in the US or Canada and sent money to Turkey, Nigeria, or China. Where does such a case begin? Most online information suggests contacting the various` national reporting services, which will result in a file number for your case. 

The Truth

  • There  are no guarantees in money recovery. 
  • However, do nothing, and nothing  happens. 
  • Do something, and something could happen.

How to recover funds from an online romance scam

Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn explains how to recover funds lost in a romance scam.  

Frank's Tactics

What I Do & What You Can Do

Frank M. Ahearn identifies romance scammers


Money recovery is not about tracing the fund or hiring a hacker to hack. Fund recovery is about getting the right people involved. 

LAW: I have discovered that the only way to get the law involved is by reaching out to the local, state, national police, prosecutors, and immigration officials in the country of loss. These are the ones who can take action, subpoena bank records, and question the receivers of your money.

BANKS: It is vital to get a bank employee on board and recognize that you are a victim, and you need help. I locate the bank branches, relevant departments, and at times, internal investigators.

RECEIVERS: I search for the individuals you sent funds to, and if I locate, we demand your money. 

YOUR BANK: A key strategy is getting your bank involved, first by requesting the bank recalls the transfers. If not possible, then ask that the name you listed on your wire transfer is the name on the receiving bank account. 

MONEY SERVICES: You can file a claim with Western Union and Money Gram using theses links.

These actions have helped many clients recover thousands of dollars, euros, and francs from various entities.

What You Can Do To Try To Recover Stolen Money

Do Not Stand Idle!

You do not need an expert to so-call trace the funds since you know where the money went. What you must do is locate and send letters to law enforcement in each city you sent payment. 

That includes local police, state, federal as well as the prosecutor's office. You must be loud! You do not stop with the law but bombard the banks where you sent the transfers, let them know you are a victim, and the receiver is a fraud.

Example Letter to Banks & Law Enforcement


My name is X, and a customer of X Bank, Mr. Fraud, has deceived me out of money. I believe they are part of a money-laundering organization. I need your help to open an investigation and to recover my funds. Enclosed are copies of my bank transfers.


Your Name

Email Address 

Locating Banks & Law Enforcement

To locate the law and banks, search the internet and find the police station in the city where you sent money. You can find the local bank branch and the corporate office of the bank.

Frank's Service


If you do not feel comfortable contacting the banks and law enforcement on your own, I can. 

I also search for the people you sent funds to, and if located, make contact, and request they return your money.

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