Combating Unwanted Information

Online Reputation Deception

Combating Unwanted Digital Information

The internet can be an unkind place, especially for your online reputation ! Unfortunately, you cannot delete most unwanted, harmful or ugly information that exists about you. Therefore, what do you do if Google and other search engines are making your life miserable? What you don't do is use a reputation management service. Their strategy is to bounce unwanted information down the search engines. 

The problem with website suppression is it is equal to buying temporary digital real estate. The reason why is when the reputation company stops the work, the dirt eventually floats back to the top. Also, if an individual or potential employer is searching your online information they go beyond the first page of a search engine, just in case you hired a reputation management company to clean up your data. 

I create reputation deception which is creating fake digital identities that take responsibility for your past mistakes. A simplified example is if you did something embarrassing in college, I create a digital identity that shares your name, and have them be the doer of the deed. 

For me to conduct this service, I must review your online information.

Review Fee $49.00

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