Frank M. Ahearn

Privacy Expert

Talking about how to disappear, social engineering, skip tracing, digital footprints, and more. 

me-Convention, Frankfurt

Most recently, I spoke at the me-Convention (Mercedes-Benz and SXSW) in Frankfurt. This talk was different than usual, typically I speak about how to disappear, new/fake identities, pseudocide, and other related disappearing topics. The me-Convention topic was, "Why Your Digital Footprint Is Bigger Than You Think, and Why It Matters." 

I found it challenging to come up with the message I wanted to convey. However, while talking out loud in front of my mirror, I realized that I should share how I affected peoples lives by accessing their digital footprints. Therefore, I approached the talk from the perspective of a social engineer (extracts information) and skip-tracer (finds people) not a privacy consultant. What I found interesting was I had to admit to many of the privacy violations I committed while hunting people. I believe my talk at the me-Convention was the best I have ever done.

Frank M. Ahearn

Talking about privacy - how to disappear - finding people

What I Say

My topics include how people disappear, fake their death, obtain new/fake identities, and avoiding digital footprints — also, social engineering, how tracers find people, and how to be more private. 

All my talks are very personal, where I share cases of real people. One could say they are also a mix of entertaining, intriguing, shocking, and educating. Everyone walks away with a better understanding of how to protect their privacy. 

Frank M. Ahearn me-Convention

Frank M. Ahearn me-Convention

Engagements 2020: Oxford University & Rule Breakers


Past Engagements

  • me-Convention (Frankfurt)
  • New Scientist Live (London)
  • Smart Cities (Berlin) 
  • Arvato (Baden Baden)
  • 2b AHEAD (Wolfsburg)
  • Association of Directors (Monaco)
  • Paper Jam (Luxembourg) 
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • Lehigh University (PA)
  • Law Enforcement (Global)
  • Romance Writers of America
  • Mystery Writers of America
  • Sisters in Crime
  • Various Conventions - European Based


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