Online Romance Scam class

Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn, is conducting an online romance scam class to teach how to date safely and not become a victim of a dating scam. Learn how to identify scammers, search phone numbers, recover funds sent to a scammer, and much more. Learn to be your own detective. 

The Ultimate How to Disappear Video

How to disappear - Online Privacy - Faking Your Death

The Ultimate How to Disappear Video is a collection of privacy videos I shot in the past year. Learn almost everything you need to know about how to disappear, pseudocide, digital currency, and much more.


What To Do About Online Blackmail. Tips for dealing with blackmail.

Relationship Blackmail

The difference between online blackmail and relationship blackmail.

How to identify a romance scammer

Tips on how to identify a romance scammer.

Recover Funds From a Romance Scam

Tips on how to recover funds from a romance scam.

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