How to disappear | Skip Tracing | Digital Manipulation

Frank M. Ahearn

I am a privacy consultant who works with individuals who have unique and extreme privacy issues. There are times I teach people how to disappear and other times I physically disappear them or manipulate their digital information to vanish the problem. I am the person you contact when you do not know what to do next.

How to Disappear Services

  1. Teach Individuals How to Disappear
  2. Physically Disappear Individuals
  3. Manipulate Unwanted Digital Information
  4. Create Personal Privacy
  5. Take Clients From A to B
  6. Sometimes Resolve The Unresolvable

Consultation & 24 Hour On-Call Service

I offer email, phone, and Skype consultations, as well as a 24/7 on-call service for individuals who need to vanish, protect their privacy or reduce their footprints. Imagine it the same as having a lawyer on retainer, but instead of asking legal questions you are planning, managing and executing your disappearance or personal privacy. REQUEST

How to Find Anyone Anywhere

Besides working with people who need to learn how to disappear, I skip trace and find people who do not want to be found. The reality of skip tracing is not everyone will be located. The only way to find out is to do the search, and that takes time and expertise. Therefore, I base my fee on the time I spend looking for your subject, not the results.  

There are no geographical restrictions on my services, and the search time varies per trace and could take twenty-four hours to a few days. The fee for a skip trace is $150.00. REQUEST

Digital Manipulation

Sometimes digital content can be troubling, dangerous, unwanted and viscous. If you are dealing with such, I can disappear that info by combating it with other information. 

This service is not reputation management which tries to bounce information down a search engine. What I do is aggressive, bold and it works. 

The fee for this service is $1000.00. REQUEST

Digital Identity Search

 Are  you in a relationship or doing business with an individual who is  shielding their identity on the internet or with technology? I identify  or confirm the identity of individuals hiding in the digital shadows.  Note, I base the fee on the search, not the results.  

The fee for this service is $150.00. REQUEST

Speaking Engagements

Berlin Smart Cities, Berlin - New Scientist Live, London - Arvato, Baden Baden - 2b AHEAD, Wolfsburg - Association of Directors, Monaco - Paperjam, Luxembourg - Princeton University - Lehigh University - Romance Writers of America - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime - And a few more.


The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer

The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer teaches how to skip trace and find anyone, anywhere by using online and offline search tools. AMAZON KINDLE

How to Disappear - Germany

Persönliche  Informationen sind im  digitalen Zeitalter zur Ware  geworden. Anhand  von Kreditkartenkäufen,  Suchanfragen und  Klickverhalten werden  Kundenprofile generiert und persönliche Daten  gespeichert. 

Fifteen Minute How to Disappear

 The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear is a hip pocket manual on  disappearing in the digital age. Ahearn has put together the essential  tools of privacy and how to use them to protect your digital information  or vanish forever.   AMAZON KINDLE