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Online Blackmail & How to Disappear

Online Blackmail & How to Disappear

Online Blackmail & How to DisappearOnline Blackmail & How to DisappearOnline Blackmail & How to Disappear

Frank M. Ahearn

Sometime in the mid-eighties while working for an investigative agency, I discovered I had a unique ability to pretext and social engineer, which is lying to extract private information. Eventually, I left my job and opened a skip tracing (finding people) service. I spent my days extracting phone records, bank records, travel records, and other confidential information. The tools of social engineering made me a deadly skip tracer (finds people). Investigators, lawyers, insurance companies, tabloids, and others hired me to locate people worldwide. 

Somewhere in early 2000, I wrote an article, How to Disappear for an offshore website, and it blew up. The next thing you know, I am the Dear Abby of disappearing. People from all parts of the world began contacting me about their privacy issues and the need to vanish. Not long after, I wrote the book How to Disappear, which became a New York Times Bestseller.


Somewhere along my road, I found myself in the romance scam and blackmail business. The romance scam involves identifying frauds. The blackmail work is about getting the victim out of their precarious situation and creating disinformation to combat exposure and to protect their identity.


Oddly, these professions all involve the use of deception. One could say is I use the negative, to battle the negative to obtain a positive. There is no doubt that I am a master in the art of deception. If you find yourself in a bind, and unsure how to resolve, reach out to me; I can help. 

Online Blackmail - Sextortion - Extortion - Revenge

What To Do About Blackmail?

There are various types of sextortion and blackmail. 

  • Online blackmail occurs after having cybersex. 

  • Relationship blackmail happens when you let a person into your life, like an escort, or a paramour. 

  • Business blackmail takes place when unfavorable information is discovered about your business. 

I work with victims of online blackmail and sextortion to prevent information, photo, and video exposure, as well as protecting threats to one's online identity.

Disappearing People And Creating Privacy worldwide

Disappearing People And Combating Information

I have learned that life can be fragile, and bad things happen to good people. If you found yourself in a situation of danger and need to disappear, I can help. The way to move forward is to set up a consultation, so I can understand your situation.

Besides disappearing people, I am an expert in digital manipulation and can bury unwanted online information. What I do is not reputation management, but hardcore deception.

If interested in how to disappear tips, check out The Ultimate How to Disappear Video.

Educate Yourself About Romance Scams

If you need to identify if you are dating a romance scammer, or want to confirm if a passport or other documents are real, visit Scam.Guru.


Talking About Privacy

When not playing global Superhero, and combating the evils of the world, Frank M. Ahearn travels the globe speaking about how to disappear, social engineering, digital footprints, how to find people and much more. 

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