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Frank M. Ahearn

As a Privacy Expert, I specialize in unique and extreme privacy issues, that range from violent stalking, dangerous business situations, bad divorces, and other scenarios that require extreme actions or the need to disappear. 

As far my disappearing service goes, I do not provide fake identities or anything of the sort, so please do not ask. What I do is work with and teach people how to disappear in society by removing themselves from dangerous connections and creating social disinformation. If you have an issue you need to remedy, I offer phone, email, Skype and face-to-face consultations.

As a Skip Tracer, I find all types of people who disappeared. They range from missing persons, witnesses, deadbeats, biological family members, cross-border heirs, high-net-worth debtors, online scammers, dating scammers and other types of swindlers who wander the earth breaking hearts and taking people's money. I also find what I call strangers on a plane. If you met someone in passing and want to reconnect but have limited information, I can help.

In great words of Sun Tzu, "All war is deception." Combating your online information is total digital war. If something occurred in your life and it has been flooded on the internet your only weapon is deception. I create digital manipulation, where I combat unwanted, undesirable, dangerous and embarrassing information. What I do is not reputation repair or website suppression, because neither works. I manipulate the known info about you and make it appear that someone else is responsible for the unwanted faux pas. What I do is bold, aggressive and it works

When not playing Hide & Seek in the digital age, I travel the globe and speak publicly, teach online classes for writing groups and write about finding and disappearing people. Such as The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear, The Fifteen Minute How To Disappear, The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer, and the soon to be released, Mr. Hide & Seek.

If I can be of help: FA@FrankAhearn.com

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