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How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace is a New York Times Bestseller written by privacy expert, and author Frank M. Ahearn.

Frank M. Ahearn is a skip tracer who locates people, a digital distractor who combats unwanted information and a privacy expert who disappears people who do not want to be found. When not playing hide and seek in the digital world, he speaks publicly and holds online classes. 

Past Speaking Engagements: Berlin Smart Cities, Berlin - New Scientist Live, London - Arvato, Baden Baden - 2b AHEAD, Wolfsburg - Association of Directors, Monaco - Paperjam, Luxembourg - Princeton University - Lehigh University - Romance Writers of America - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in Crime - Law Enforcement Professionals

If you need to find a missing person, locate a romance scammer, disappear, combat unwanted information or are dealing with internet blackmail, Frank can help.


How to Disappear

How to Disappear

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn is a skip tracer who finds people, and a privacy expert who disappears people.

The World's How To Disappear Expert

How To Disappear Privacy Service

Because a person needs to learn how to disappear and vanish without a trace does not mean they have done something wrong or broken the law. Terrible things happen to good people every day. 

I view disappearing as an act of freedom. If you plan to go, do not consider a new or fake identity, it is a lose-lose situation. I teach people how to vanish using their real name. Nor do you need to live like Grizzly Adams or hang with the monks of Tibet. I disappear clients in society, as themselves where they use legal methods and tools that shield identities, protect privacy and most of all their whereabouts. 

If a situation has occurred and you think you need to disappear, it does not mean you should. Most times it is your flight instinct kicking in, so before you do something rash and unnecessary let us talk because I could solve your problem without you disappearing. However, if you do need to go, I can help.

Frank M. Ahearn

Privacy Consultation

1. Prepay Consultation: $150.00

2. Write in your native language if you do not speak English.

4. Email me at FA@FrankAhearn.com and tell me if you want to email, speak on phone or Skype. Include your time zone. 

5. I will contact you ASAP. 

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Find Missing People & Romance Scammers

netMissing locates missing people, biological family member, cross-border heirs and hnw debtors.

Find Missing People

If you need to locate a missing person, biological family member, cross-border heir, debtor, witness or a stranger you met on vacation or in a club I can help. LEARN MORE 

netScammer ID services, identifies and locates romance scammers.

Identify & Locate Romance Scammers

netScammer identifies romance scammers and locates online dating scammers worldwide. In addition, for those who lost money in an online scam, I assist with fund recover.  LEARN MORE 

Combat Online Blackmail & Unwanted Information

netBlackmail can help if you have found yourself in a compromising online situation.

Online Blackmail & Sextortion

If you found yourself in a position and someone is blackmailing you or are a victim of sextortion I can help.  LEARN MORE 

netDistract combats unwanted and undesirable online information by distracting the searcher.

Distract The Internet From Your identity

If you are dealing with unwanted and undesirable internet information, I can help. What I do is not reputation management nor website suppression; these tactics are short-term answers to what could be lifelong problems. LEARN MORE