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    Frank M. Ahearn

    Privacy Consultant - Skip Tracer - Digital Manipulator - Author - Public Speaker

    Welcome to the world of How to Disappear & How to Find. My name is Frank M. Ahearn, and I am a privacy expert who disappears people, a skip tracer who finds those that do not want to be found and a digital manipulator who combats unwanted and dangerous information. I am author of the New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear, The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear and The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer. 

    Disappearing People Since 2001!

    How to Disappear

    Disappear & Privacy Consultations

    I work with people who have found themselves in very precarious situations. They all have one thing in common, which is something unimaginable entered their life and they feel they must disappear. 

    Because you think you need to disappear does not mean you should. I have helped many people resolve their problems without vanishing.

    On the flipside, there are those who have no choice, and they must disappear. If such is the case, I can get you from A to B safely, discreetly and assure that no one will ever find you.  

    The way resolve your situation is to set up a consultation. We can do this via email, phone, or video. If English is not your primary language email me in your native language. 

    Disappear From - Stalkers - Abusive Spouses - Business Associates & Other Predators

    Phone - Email - Skype

    Set up a phone, email, or  Skype consultation. The fee for a thirty-minute consultation is $100.00. 

    Disappear - Safety - Privacy

    Victims of Stalkers

    You have two options, can combat or disappear.

    Bad Business

    If you found yourself involved with the wrong business partners I can disappear you. 

    Getting Divorced

    A divorce must be strategic, as well as safe. Sorry guys, only available for women. 

    Abusive Home Situation

    I can get you out of your home and deliver you to someplace safe. 

    Bad Information

    Online information cannot be deleted but I can use deception you remedy. 

    Privacy Protection

    If you are HNWI, I can make your world a whole lot safer.  

    24 Hour On-Call Privacy Service


    The 24/7 on-call how to disappear and privacy service gives you 24/7 direct contact.

    Some clients use this service at the start due to the number of questions that arise in the planning process. 

    Some prefer to be more hands-on but still want an expert opinion. 

    24/7 is not limited to the disappeared!

    Victims of stalkers, business professionals, soon to be divorced, and high-net-worth individuals. 

    This service gives you thirteen hours of 24/7 phone, video and email access. 

    After payment is received, I will supply you with a private phone number and an encrypted email address. 

    The fee for this service is $2500

    Divorce Privacy Service

    For Woman Only!

    Planning to leave a relationship or marriage is never an easy feat. It can be financially devastating, and even dangerous. No one wants to think that their soon to be ex is willing to take everything and put them on the street, but it happens. If your situation is unfolding in an aggressive way, you need to strategize now! 

    Ask yourself, could you be under physical and digital surveillance. Can you move or save money without your ex knowing or tracing? Can you set up a new home safely? My divorce privacy service helps you get from A to B safely.

    Consultation Fee $100.00

    After request is complete I will contact you and we will create a private method of communications.


    First Step To Privacy is Knowing!

    The first step to privacy and disappearing is reviewing your database report. You will find addresses, phone numbers, emails, relatives, and neighbors. With this information you can decide which info is vulnerable and then begin to combat. The first step is knowing what they know.

    Fee $15.00

    Finding People Worldwide Since 1984!

    How to Find People

    Global Skip Tracing Services

    If you are searching for a witness, missing person, deadbeat, long-lost love, birth mother, biological father, or other family member, I can help.  

    This is not a database service, like you see advertised online. Those services only provide database information with no confirmation of if the person you are looking for, lives at the location provided. Or if the subject is the correct person you seek. 

    I do real skip tracing that finds your people all over the world. The search time varies per trace and could take twenty-four hours to a week. 

    To request a search prepay, and email me subject information.

    Locate Witnesses -Missing People - Deadbeats - - Birth Parents - Debtors 

    Skip Tracing Fee $150.00

    After payment is complete email me the subject’s information.


    DOB/Social Identifier

    Last Known Address/Phone Numbers

    Email Address/Social Media 


    Number & Email Trace

    To Find You Must Search!

    If you searched how to identify a phone number, number reversal or email trace, the only option located is the reverse directories and database companies. These sites are useless since they only provide data, there is no way of knowing if the results are correct or up-to-date.

    Phone Number: I run the number through databases, search engines, social media, and call the target number with a pretext to extract their info. The reality is prepays, apps, virtual and VOIP services have no actual owners but users.

    Email Address: I run the email through databases, search engines, social media, and send a pretext email to the subject to extract the info. 

    Fee $75.00

    Number & Email Trace Fee

    After payment is complete email me the number or email address.


    Reputation Deception & Digital Identity

    Righting The Wrong!

    Reputation Deception & Digital Manipulation

    Online information can be troubling, embarrassing, vicious and dangerous. If you are dealing with unwanted information, do not use a reputation management company, because they do not work. Their only tool is to bounce information down the search engines, which is like trying to control the tides. 

    I can disappear information by combating it with other info. What I do is aggressive, bold and it works. The fee for this service is $1000.00.

    Digital Identity Search

    Are you in a relationship or doing business with an individual who is shielding their identity on the internet or with technology? I can identify or confirm the identity of individuals hiding in the digital shadows. The fee for this service is $150.00.

    Talking About Disappearing & Finding


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