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How To Disappear

Primarily I teach people how to disappear and never be found. Also, I skip trace and teach others how to find people. I see myself as a how-to professional that specializes in helping people with unique needs.  The main how-to is teaching people how to disappear completely and never be found. No one ever thinks they will ever need to disappear but believe me it happens to the most unsuspecting. 

How To Deceive

I work with individuals who have unique information and unfortunate digital issues. Meaning, something occurred, and it is making life difficult or dangerous. My expertise is manipulating digital information to combat the information that is haunting you. This service is not reputation management but reputation deception.

How To Be Private

Most people I encounter have no idea what privacy means, and they leave it up to the government and big business to decide and control. The first step to creating privacy is identifying the information that makes you vulnerable. Until you take such inventory, you are at risk.

Privacy is about finding a balance, and knowing that some information about you must be surrendered to exist in the digital world. The key is knowing how to create that balance and not compromise your privacy. 

How to Find

I provide skip tracing (locating people) for law firms, private investigators, finance companies and other corporate entities. This service is not a database service, but actual skip tracing where I pick up the phone,  search and find. Our turn-around-time is 24 to 48 hours.

How to Novels & Scripts

I work with authors and screenwriters of all levels. I help with creating realistic characters and thickening plots. Even though I specialize in how to disappear, my range of expertise is finding people, faking deaths, true crime, the offshore world, fake identities, skip tracing and how to find people.


If you are in a situation and need to know how-to, I can be of help.  

Speaking Engagements

Speaking About: Disappearing, Skip Tracing, New Identities, Fake Identities, Pretexting & Social Engineering.

October 25, 2017

The Berlin Summit

Creating Urban Tech

Die Berliner Wirtschaftskonferenz


 New Scientist, London
Arvato, Baden Baden
Institute of Directors, Monaco
Paper Jam, Luxembourg  2b AHEAD ThinkTank , Wolfsburg
Princeton UniversityLehigh UniversityLaw Enforcement Agencies
Mystery Writers of AmericaSisters in Crime
Kiss of DeathWolfe Pack  

Available to speak at your next event.


How to Find

Currently writing, HOW TO FIND: People & Information, By Using Search Engines, Social Media And Pretext

Excerpt From: How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprints

Chapter One: I Am Frank. Nice To Meet You

You’re reading this book for one of two reasons: You want to vanish without a trace, or you’re curious about what it would take. I met a guy like you once. He caught my eye in a bookstore in New Jersey where I like to people-watch from time to time. He was nervous, looking all around, picking up book after book about personal privacy and offshore banking. Then he wandered to the travel section and pulled out a guide to Costa Rica. He never even noticed me, the unassuming guy with a gray ponytail and sunglasses trailing him about a dozen yards behind.

We got in line to check out at the same time. He fidgeted in place, not realizing the same guy was still behind him. He finally got up to the cashier, and I watched with a raised eyebrow as he paid for his books with a credit card. Big mistake, I thought. I wondered if he was really trying to disappear. I sincerely hoped he wasn’t, because if that was the case, he had just left anyone trying to find him a big, fat clue.

After checking out, he made his way upstairs to the café. I followed him, grabbing a latte as I watched him settle into a corner table and obliviously thumb through his purchases. What an idiot. Doesn’t he know there are cameras everywhere? Doesn’t he know how easy it is to trick a security guard into giving you camera footage if you say the right things (and who cares if those things are true as long as they get results)? What if someone who was looking for him decided to do just that? I sort of felt bad for the poor bastard. If he had a good reason for wanting to disappear, or if he was in real trouble, he didn’t stand a chance.

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head. I decided that I wasn’t going to let this guy screw himself over. I could help him. After tossing my latte into the garbage, I walked right up to his table, said hello, shook his hand, and asked if I could sit down and talk to him for a minute. Startled, he agreed. I told him that my name was Frank M. Ahearn and that for many years I had worked as something called a “skip tracer.” Clients paid me thousands of dollars to find people who were trying to hide: jailbirds, deadbeats, subpoenaed witnesses, the threatened and fearful, and just about anyone else you could think of who was trying to hide for whatever reasons they might have. 

Some of the people who hired me were tabloid editors trying to get their hands on celebrities. When they wanted to talk to some kids who had spent the night with Michael Jackson at Neverland, they called me. When they wanted to monitor O. J. Simpson’s bank accounts, they called me. I once was hired to find Ozzy Osbourne’s private telephone numbers for a paparazzo. I found all eight of them. I was hired to find George Harrison as he languished on his death bed. He was in New Jersey. My work fostered countless tabloid covers and brought a whole lot of criminals to justice. 

I told the guy that the people I went after usually made my job easy. No matter how hard they tried to hide, they always slipped up, invariably doing something to give themselves away. Some big mistake would lead me to their location inside of an hour or two. Exceptions were rare.

Disappeared at the peanut butter cafe in monaco