Frank M. Ahearn

I began my career working undercover in retail stores catching employees stealing. It was quite a fun and exciting job but a limited run. From there, I started to skip trace (finding people) and developed excellent social engineering (lying) skills. The two combined made me quite a proficient hunter of people. I spent years extracting confidential information, locating people, and loving every moment of the chase. Skip tracing is quite a rush. 

Times changed, and I stumbled into the business of teaching people how to disappear, as well as physically vanishing those who needed to go. Disappearing is not limited to oneself but also their information. Do the wrong thing today, and it can destroy your life tomorrow. I often say we now have two selves, the physical and the digital. You must protect both!

Lately, I have found myself in the romance scam business identify dating frauds, searching for romance scammers, and assisting with financial recovery. 

When not playing hide & seek, I do a little writing and public speaking. 

Frank M. Ahearn

Public Speaking

Frank M. Ahearn public speaker.

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2019 me Convention | September 11-13, Frankfurt


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Past Talks

Berlin Smart Cities, Berlin-New Scientist Live, London - Arvato, Baden  Baden - 2b AHEAD, Wolfsburg - Association of Directors, Monaco -  Paperjam, Luxembourg - Princeton University - Lehigh University -  Romance Writers of America - Mystery Writers of America - Sisters in  Crime - Law Enforcement Professionals


Privacy Service

If you need to disappear or create extreme privacy, I can be of help.

Unwanted Information

I use deception to combat unwanted, harmful and comprising digital information.

Locate Missing People

I skip trace and find missing people.

Blackmail & Sextortion

If you are a victim of online blackmail, I can help.

Romance Scams

I identify and search for romance scammers, as well as assist with fund recovery.

Privacy/Blackmail Consultation


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Email me after payment: FA@FrankAhearn.com

Romance Scam Services

Suchen und identifizieren Sie romantische Betrüger

Romance Scam Service

how to find a romance scammer, www.netscammer.co.uk

Suchen Sie einen romantischen Betrüger

finde einen romantischen Betrug, www.netscammer.de


My Books

How to Disappear
Spurlos verschwinden: Frank M. Ahearn

The Ultimate How To Disappear Video

A master video about how to disappear, bitcoin, finding people, social engineering new, and much more.