Who Are They Really?

Be responsible and safe when online dating. In 2019 I estimate that my clients alone lost nearly five million euros.  Do you really know their identity?

Are You Dating A Fake?

Frank M. Ahearn Identifies Romance Scammers

On my blog, there is information in multiple languages on how to identify romance scams, and if you are dating a fake. Red flags are soldiers, oil rig workers, engineers, and alleged doctors working for the UN. Plus, if you never or had a long video with them, or minimal phone contact. 

The truth is, you can search and determine if the person you are dating is real or fake. Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late, and they already sent money to a scammer. Isn't it best to know now?

What I do for my client is to confirm if the subject is or is not an online scammer — all the truth you need to know in less than a few hours. 

Frank Identifies Frauds!

Frank Identifies Frauds!

Are They A Fraud?

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After you prepay, email information about the individual to FA@FrankAhearn.com.

Are you dating a romance scammer?

Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn explains how to identify a romance scammer.

Recover Money

If you lost money in a romance fraud, learn how you can take action.

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